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PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:46 am    Post subject: Fly with No Fear!

A Reaver pilot getting the job done! This particular pilot is running the Vortek Rotary for his primary gun, afterburner pods and the Racer Chassis. In the comments the pilot explains that he prefers the Racer Chassis for two reasons:
    1. When jumped, it allows him to take less damage as he runs for cover before turning to engage.
    2. The Racer Chassis, in conjunction with afterburner pods, gives him better "mileage" if he has to chase someone down.
He admits, that given an equal fight (one started where both pilots have full HP and are facing each other), that the Racer Chassis won't give you anything when compared to the Hover Chassis.

I feel that I've got the Air-to-Ground side fairly licked but I'm for ever being shot down by an ESF. To that end, I've been focusing more on the Air-to-Air side of PS2 and learning how to dogfight. Which ESF loadout appears to be highly situational - especially for me who doesn't have much skill in dogfighting yet. Air-to-Air dogfighting can be broken down into two types: Liberator/Galaxy Dogfighting and ESF Dogfighting.

I find that for Liberator/Galaxy Dogfighting I like to use the Air-to-Air missiles to keep my distance away from their turrets (especially the Lib's belly gun). Time To Kill for the missiles is slower than the Vortek but it's safer.

For ESF Dogfighting, I'm finding the extra Afterburner fuel is extremely handy as stated above in that video. Getting jumped is the thing that kills me more often than not. So I will forgo the Air-to-Air missiles as they are nearly useless in a turning dogfight (though you can argue a case that they are great against fleeing ESFs).

Consequently, learning to dogfight is drastically improving my aim making me better at Air-to-Ground.