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News: PS2 Server Downtime for Hotfix September 11, 2013 6AM Forum Index -> PlanetSide 2
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:27 pm    Post subject: News: PS2 Server Downtime for Hotfix September 11, 2013 6AM

    All servers will come down for maintenance at 6:00 AM PDT (3:00 PM CEST) for a hotfix. This is a pre-performance patch to clear up some of the major pieces that were done or very close to done when we started the performance initiate. Enjoy! Smile

    Downtime Start: 6 AM
    Downtime ETA: 90 minutes

    Players can expect the following changes:
    Patch Notes

    New Player Studio items!
    Alert modifications
    Continent-specific facility capture alerts have been modified. They will now trigger much less often and their duration and final reward have been cut in half.
    Spawn priority changes
    The squad reinforcement spawn list now deprioritizes regions where your side has a population advantage
    Instant action has been modified so that it more often places people into active fights
    Savior XP
    Added a bonus experience reward for killing an enemy player who recently severely damaged, but did not kill, a friendly player
    Physics and Projectile Improvements
    Fix for guided rockets not traveling the correct path on other clients
    Fix for projectiles not rendering when shot out of render distance (looking at you AV MANA turret)
    Fixed Striker missiles flying through terrain and buildings and still hitting targets
    Victims of the Phoenix missile should no longer see the projectile adjust course quickly within 10m and then detonate
    Air to Air rockets won’t look like they’re bouncing back and forth to remote clients
    Made ammo pack indicators smaller
    Server ping column added to server select
    Changed ammo counter font
    We’ve officially cleared out all the weapons and attachments from the Certification screen. Locked weapons and their attachments can now be previewed and compared in the loadout screen.
    We now show the “Lock-On” display while in third person
    Added another “Other” cosmetic slot for the Sunderer
    Added a display for Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) to air vehicles
    Bug Fixes
    Fixed issue where turrets and terminals would be instantly hacked or unrepairable
    Added a fix to prevent AOE damage hitting players inside IFF shields from certain angles
    Fix for scope sway persisting into optics that aren’t intended to have any
    Addressed large amounts of interpenetration in the spawn room at Andvari Frozen Reservoir that could cause players to get stuck in spawn tubes
    Fixed a bug that caused Thermal or NV to persist when switching from the gunner seat to the driver seat in the Harasser
    Fixed missing gate shield generators at Freyr Amp Station
    Fixed the M12 Kobalt’s thermal optics so they don’t reset/fade in during each reload
    Sunderer exhaust stacks should now display properly for players in first person that are seated in the passenger seat
    Fixed a bug that allowed you to attempt to redeploy with the hotkey from the character select screen
    Fixed missing reload audio for the Lasher X2
    Fixed some alignment issues on the 3rd person Mosquito HUD
    Pilots can no longer utilize free-look to lock on to targets
    Rhino hubcaps now granted account-wide