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FinnWars 1.82 Independance day 6th Dec! Forum Index -> Battlefield Series
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:42 pm    Post subject: FinnWars 1.82 Independance day 6th Dec!

What is Independence Day in Finland? Why is?

Please Download it and come to this event! Share it with your friends and invite it!

1.) Battlefield 1942

2.) bf1942.exe modified to be able to re-play online "unzip and replace the files in your ...... EA GAMES / Battlefield 1942 folder":

3.) FinnWars 1.82 Full installer:

Here are a few teaser on the Finnish Independence Day:

If you dont find this server in your browser, please tip it manually on your game search mask:

Finland was from 1808 to 1917 an autonomous Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire and part. Launched on November 7, October Revolution in Russia enabled the separation of Finland from Russia. The Finnish Senate leaders Per Evind Svinhufvud announced on 6 December Finland independence. The Declaration of Independence was previously by Parliament with 100: 88 votes were accepted. Unlike can understand this vote, the entire Parliament stood firmly behind the decision to proclaim independence. The Social Democrats were dissatisfied only with the fast procedure. The new Soviet government recognized Finland's independence on December 31, 1917th This example was followed by then a majority of European countries. In consequence of the independence it came to the constitutional crisis, which plunged the country into a civil war, which lasted from 27 January to 5 May 1918th Most democratic states recognized Finland's independence on after the first parliamentary elections 1919th (Thank you Wikipedia)
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