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PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:27 pm    Post subject: Doomseeker + Zandronum: Multiplayer Doom made easy

This is thing I was using to fire up my doom server. You can also use it on the client side, along with Wadseeker, to join just about any server. Give it some folders to search for wads in Options (File Paths) and some specific servers to poll (Custom Servers), and it will build the correct commandline to start your Zandronum client and connect to a server. If you don't have the right wads, Wadseeker can go find them and install them for you.

The Doomseeker I'm using came bundled with Zandronum, but it looks like downloading the Doomseeker "Complete 1.0 Package" will get you everything you need to make setting up or joining a Doom game pretty easy.

Other stuff I learned:
hellonearthstarterpack.wad provides a whole new campain for doom, but requires the doom2 IWAD base to play. Using doom.wad won't work. So, three easy campaigns:

Doom 1 w/ doom.wad
Doom 2 w/ doom2.wad
Brutal Doom Hell on Earth w/ doom2.wad + hellonearthstarterpack.wad

As you might expect, the Brutal Doom map pack showcases the Brutal Doom features very well.