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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:23 pm    Post subject: Which Battlefield 1942 Mod still played?

Two years after the last server overview we wanted to give you a new list in 2017 today. This should make it easier for a server to decide to test or play. We have attached the weekly scheduled dates, which you can enter into your calendar or note. Every man/woman counts among the servers, so we ask you to be there. Creative modders, such as Cicero, Bbfplayer, SargeSurfat, Kampfsau, Nanntekottai, GoodDayToDie, Professor Smith, Apache Thunder, Swaffy, Jdoylesapp, etc.... Let us give your imagination a free rein in game worlds in order to continuously improve the fun of games in the battlefield 1942 world or to feed and add new content or ideas. For many of these mods, servers run on which you can play. With your curiosity and your activity, you support the modders, communities and server hosts and keep these Games worlds and projects alive!

Desert Combat 0.7 (Conquest) is played on the legendary servers Badewiese, BF-game,, EA 117. These are still popular in the evening.

Forgotten Hope 0.7 (Conquest) is played every night and has a tribe of players. Some days a week Mappacks are played, which should be downloaded once to be regularly. Recently appeared a new Mappackmit five new Stalingrad maps, which play on the Eastern Front. Upon request, these new maps can be set for you to play as a card by the present-= PFC = administrators.

The Japanese sister Mod FHSW 0.61 (Conquest), Also enjoys a regular audience and is played almost every evening, here in recent months there has been plenty of new content to discover.

Battlegroup42 RC3 (COOP) (2017), For the most part German WW2 project. Has his events Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm. But here you can also visit the server in the evening and at night. There is always one or the other player. Battlegroup 42 shines with lots of new content for you to discover.

Be careful, the = VU = Server runs on the old Battlgroup42 1.8beta (2012) Version.

Battlefield 1918 v3.1 (COOP/Conquest) Fans of the WW1 mod, here will be a new v 3.2 patch, which will provide all fans with plenty of new content. The Balkan countries will be the subject, so much has been betrayed. Battlefield 1918 is played daily at noon, preferably from 16-21 a.m. The historically correct time at which Battlefield 1918 was always played is Sunday at 19:18 a.m. With the BWT | Badewiese has the MoD a strong partner that supports you.

Eve of Destruction 2.51 (COOP) Vietnam Fans Should turn around in the evening to be there. The developer Lotte has a great mod been, which has lost none of its charms over the years. By the way, this is the only mod in which there are female soldiers. Thanks to the enchanting josefine it was possible to add to the EOD Classic final release.

Interstate 82 v1.81 (Conquest) The course and skill mod in the 80s series Styl is played preferably at night from 00 o'clock, as most players from North and South America spring.

Silent Heroes 1.2 (Conquest/COOP) For the mod you should paint the Tuesday every week in the calendar red. The SH events are always held on Tuesdays from 8pm, but the server can be reached 24 hours a day.

Galactic Conquest v8.1(Conquest) The Mod is a must for All Star Wars and future shooter fans. R2D2 and Darth Vader's troops are waiting for you on the server. The fan base has recently officially stated Saturday 5pm as Bonanza date. In addition, a custom map event was announced, the date of which will soon be announced. Our tip, not only looks in on the server on Saturdays, but comes in when you have time. We had the experience, when we were first on the server, a short time later, other players joined us. Last year the V 0.96 A (coop) version of the MoD was released separately.

Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons und Road to Rome,short X-Pack 1 + 2. If you are too lazy to load one of the mods, you can visit the server. Even the add ons to Battlefield 1942 offer a small amount of variety for you.

Many more servers are online and are looking forward to your visit. Please continue to recommend and share the information in your community.

If you like one of the now briefly featured Battlefield 1942 Mods, interested or you want to try one of them?

Then you get this here: [url=""]HERE[/url]
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:34 pm    Post subject:

Oh man - so many fun memories playing many of these mods! If I can ever find the free time to get the game reinstalled it would be fun to try them again.

Thanks for the update and information!
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