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Lots of the same concerns I have... Forum Index -> Star Citizen
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 1:53 pm    Post subject: Lots of the same concerns I have...
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:07 am    Post subject:

Has that guy never been in an alpha/beta ever?
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:59 pm    Post subject:

Now, before we begin this crusade, let me highlight that Iím no troll and Iím not making the point the game will never release, even though it might not. Iím making a very clear point that it is in Chris Robertís best interests to never release the game and continue the delays.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:25 pm    Post subject:

I can understand why the funding model for this game might make someone uncomfortable. Just consider for a moment that there was a $15,000 ship package that sold out and the game is not even in Beta yet. People are clearly excited about this game and they're giving their excited fans a way to fund its development.

I spent $80 on a ship package. The game is expected to cost $60 (typical AAA title cost) when it's released. So why would I spend the extra $20 so far ahead of release?

1. I want to help fund the game's development.
2. I want access to Alpha modules as they are released.
3. I want access to the Beta.
4. I'll start Star Citizen with a decent ship (I've heard that new players won't have a ship right away).
5. I get a few small extras like starting money in game and a copy of the game's soundtrack (with full orchestra! </musicmajor>).

Putting all that together even with the risk that they won't deliver the game was worth $80 to me. But keep in mind, that everything I just said would still be true if I bought the $40 ship package. I just wanted the sexy space BMW.

One thing I'll say to counter the perspective of Xerin, is that my work includes building software and has for a long time and it's almost impossible to predict how long it will take to design, build, and debug software with more than four week horizon. Delays are not surprising. And for a game this big, even being a year+ late overall doesn't seem crazy to me. Certainly not crazy enough to start a conspiracy theory about the three game studios making this game colluding to defraud their fans.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:56 pm    Post subject:

I donated to Camelot Unchained and another kickstarter project which has already gone live based solely on the genre/developer and wanting their games to be created. If Sid Meier (for some reason) started a kickstarter project for a new game, I'd probably donate to that too. I never played any of the Wing Commander games as I didn't start PC gaming until the late 90s (parents had a mac) but I've heard good things, and I like space sims. That's worth a few hours of overtime at a job I dislike.
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