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PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:09 am    Post subject: Mixed Modes server

I have a dream! updated 15 may

This is what a ultimate server is for me if you can ever achieve it with time, apart from ping and other stuff: (good ping ftw)
commander included all along:
Map vote included. player count is approximative for each detail. Details are also aproximative. ( map vote, after a while with statistics, can be used to see what's disliked and filter those maps/game mode combos.
8p: weird stuff that attracts achievement farmers and people who fool around or w.e starts the server. CL_squad OBL_CTF_OBL
8p: weird stuff that attracts achievement farmers and people who fool around or w.e starts the server.

This is the structure style the epic servers had in BF3.
When doing progressive transitions.
-Players who no longer like the server leave at a slower rate.
-New players who like the server join at a faster rate.

Map/mode rotation: make it with as much variety as possible.

Yes, if you consider to aim for this, you have my gratitude

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 4:35 pm    Post subject: Re: Mixed Modes server

LOST-TALE wrote:
I dont want BS

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 5:24 pm    Post subject:

Hey LOST-TALE. Thanks for posting. Not sure why you're so worried about potential bullshitters in suggestion thread, but, whatever.

To address your points:

I agree with running a mix-mode server. I think they are more fun than sticking with one game mode. We are currently doing that now however we do not run every map. We've found that certain maps are unpopular and have a tendency to empty the server. We have statistics to prove this.

You're right, an active server is better than an empty server. But it takes a concerted seeding effort to get a populated server, much less an epic server. We currently run 4 dedicated seeding accounts that we've paid for out-of-pocket just to get the server where it is. Popular servers such as U Rock and Pure Battlefield have a dedicated server seeder program with prizes etc. We are a humble community that does not have the funding to compete with that.

Additionally, we currently believe that even Large Conquest maps in BF4 are too small for 64 players and have limited our server size to 48 players. Current maps have too few vehicles to adequately support 64 players. Gone are the days of Desert Combat and maps like 73 Eastings which had a tank for every player.

The community has a voice on what map modes we play but the seeders have an even larger voice in how we configure the server. If we want a lot of variety, we need a lot of seeders.

When you talk epic BF3 servers, what exactly does that mean? Is that population based?

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:38 am    Post subject: Reply

I have a vague understanding of your question.

It means they had the above concept and were populated with queues over 9.
Those BF3 servers were supercharged with variety, a functional mapvote, balancer ( keeps friends together) and the playerbase that comes with it ( no oblivious teammates)

They had the same structural adaptive concept. Gun Master was excellent starter as winning gun master was about being in the top 5 for a while, and with low player counts it was excellent way to do so. Also they had a loyal playerbase, I havent seen persistent seeders, unless they change them all the time. I would guess for random supporters.

The startups in BF4 were left to be desirable :
-Lag plague (the boom boom room server died by this)
-some very unwanted combinations like 64 TDM.
-or simply unseeded.
-immature admins or uncontactable. [ATF]
-Impossible to play with friends and admin contempt to such (or just being trolled by balancer) [ATF]

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:52 am    Post subject:

So you can actually run 64p with the current service?

Well, I hope you will add something, your server has too much infrantry.
More large maps and large gamemodes, like CTF caspian border/firestorm.
I heard your concerns about CAL...>.> the best game mode eva.

''I've had bullshitters and hypocrites waste my time so this should put them out. '' past 3 communities. Say one thing, think another, beating around the bush...
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:00 pm    Post subject:

We could run 64 players if we paid more, but like I said, even the largest BF4 maps don't have enough vehicles to adequately support 64 players.

We are currently running an adaptive server in both size and maplists. We've tried a gradual step up in player count like you suggested but the added complexity wasn't yielding results. We've found that two map lists is all we need.
    Low Population: 29 players or less - smaller infantry-based maps and modes
    High Population: 30 players and above - larger maps with vehicles. With the recent Fall Patch we've reworked this list. There are more Conquest Large maps in the rotation now.

The small map list is mostly Rush, CTF, and Chainlink, though I'll be adding Domination and possible TDM.
Our large map list includes Conquest Large, Obliteration, CTF, Rush, Chainlink maps.

With this setup, we typically have a queue most nights (btw, if you'd like to be put on our reserved slots list, just let me know. It would allow you to skip to the head of the queue). While we would love to have a queue 24/7 I don't think it is possible without a very strong seeder commitment from the community. Due to server providers being in multiple geographic regions, offering the best ping to players closest to them, most servers die out around 2am local time and kick back in in the afternoon, local time. Long gone are the days of a server being full 24/7 simply due to it's ping and great internet connection. These days there are so may server providers the playing field is more or less even. We used to run a Desert Combat server that was always full because we had the best connection out there. Even players in Europe had a better connection to us then some of their local servers. The most popular servers out there right now, BF3 and BF4 alike, all have very strong seeder commitments from their communities. isn't that large in comparison and we've had to pay out of our own pockets for extra copies of the game and for hardware to act as dedicated seeders.

Seeding is what makes or breaks a Battlefield community these days. It is unfortunate, to say the least, but it is the game we must play to, er, play the game.

We have admins that try to monitor chat throughout the day even if they are not playing the game. During prime time we will typically have multiple admins in-game to help anyone out. We also have our Multibalancer plugins set to keep clans, friends and squads together as best we can. If for some reason you need to be moved to the team with your friends, we will gladly make that happen, just ask!

We did not run a BF3 server as our community members weren't really into it. We did play a lot on other servers, MIA, URock etc., but had always found a lack of active admins online. We decided that we'd shell out our own money to start a BF4 server and do it right. I think we've come a long way and certainly do a great job of keep the server configured correctly and being active in its administration. We do have some paypal donations that come in but for the most part I pay for the server directly out of my own pocket. I am happy to do so! I spend a lot of time on the server and have meet a very cool group of guys that have become our regulars. The "owndership" of the dontcamp server is distributed among the leadership with multiple people having the necessary admin access to carry on. Even if I were to up and leave, the BF4 server, website, forums etc. will continue without interruption. Again, we are a community.

As always, we really appreciate player feedback. It is often difficult to engage random pubbers to give us their feedback. Again, we are community driven and do not strive to simply make a playground for the admins. By the way, most of our admins (we call them deputies) are just regulars who volunteer some of their time while playing to help out. The Deputies and Dontcamp leadership are always reachable via these forums or on Teamspeak @

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 1:21 pm    Post subject:

LOST-TALE wrote:

Well, I hope you will add something, your server has too much infrantry.
More large maps and large gamemodes, like CTF caspian border/firestorm.

With the release of Dragon's Teeth we were running more infantry maps to capitalize on the popularity of the new expansion. The fervor has subsided a bit and with our recent maplist update we are running a few more vehicle maps including CTF Caspian and Firestorm which I think are great fun.

I am personally curious about adding Naval Strike maps back into the mix now that we're running Classic mode which may slow down the auto-repairing pubstomping boat crews that made those maps unfun in the past.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 2:14 pm    Post subject:

I'm not really for or against naval strike maps. That entire expansion the water was more of an annoyance than a real feature. It's something you had to slog through to get where you needed to be. Tactically and strategically irrelevant.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 3:56 pm    Post subject:

In regards of your concerns I guess I'l share my own:
I have no concern, except my mind being bored at the amount of infrantry maps. That is, I either undertsnaind the game where I dont have the same issues, or dont identify them as issues. The attack boat pub-raping claim is something I never lived and I think you don't know how to deal with it, making it, overpowered. As overpowered as anything else in the game can be with the right use.

I came here to say this, if anyone thinks I bailed out. I'l be keeping you in my favorites and when there is more air maps/variety then
I'l be moving.

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