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PostPosted: Mon May 30, 2016 8:24 am    Post subject: Overwatch - Pre-Planned counters

While we have time to think, we should probably come up with some preplanned counters to situations we regularily encounter assuming we're at least 3 people in a group.

This way we spend less time screwing around trying things and more time on objective.

I was thinking that a mobile flanking combo of tank/healer/dps would be a really good QRF

Tank: D.VA
map dependant: Winston

Heals: Mercy
map dependant: Lucio assuming good wall riding skills

DPS: Pharah
map dependant: Genji / Reaper / Tracer / Hanzo / Widowmaker

example: Volksaya Industries, the entire middle choke point can be avoided by going left and around to the control point. I'm unsure if Winston can make that jump but I know D.VA, Pharah, and Genji can.
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